Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction, and City Development (Eiabc) Urban Design and Development Program A Move from Grey to Green Arba Minch

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Addis Ababauniversity


The importance of green infrastructure in urban area is to maintain climatic condition, increase social and economic benefits of urban dwellers. Nevertheless, urbanization has destroyed urban green and open spaces and this creates problem such as climate change, pollution, and alteration of natural systems on urban dwellers. The study investigates green infrastructure for Arab Minch city using mixed methodology and surveying methods. The research was conducted to the whole town by taking 68 sample blocks and plots based on systematic random sampling, primary and secondary datas were collected by the use of site survey and observation. Maps and Satellite images were utilized to quantitatively measure and observe the pervious and impervious land cover of the study area. The findings of the paper have been presented in maps, tables, graphs, and figures. Percentages had been used to show the situation in the site. The findings of the paper revealed that the current green infrastructure cover is 45.14% and Grey infrastructures is 54.86 % which shows that the research area is degraded according to the standard because the grey infrastructure exceded 30% and needs intervension. Therefore the research has proposed design solution to reduce the grey infrastructure to less than 10% to meet the protected standard by redesigning urban grey infrastructures through water sensitive urban design approach



Architecture, Building Construction