The Impacts of Cultural Globalization on Indigenous Cultures of Ethiopia: The Case of Finoteselam AdministrativeTown,West Gojjam Zone Amhara Regional State

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This study was conducted to investigate cultural impacts of globalization on indigenous cultural values and practices of Ethiopia in the case of Finoteselam administrative town.The study employed ethnographic design and qualitative methods of data collection such as in- depth and key informant interviews, observation and focus group discussion. A total of 49 Participants of the study were recruited using purposive sampling from three kebelles of Finoteselam administrative town community consisting of elders, youths and informed individuals as well as experts of culture and tourism offices and departments. Descriptive analysis was used to analyze the findings. The study found that there are various indigenous socio-cultural values and practices unique to the study community related to marriage, dressing, and feeding, play and conflict resolution. However, these are found to be increasingly pushed to the edges as a result of internal urbanization and legalization processes as well as external processes of globalization making the current society at risk of their culture in the coming years and tension at present. Despite members of the community have been responding towards this with individual family level measures to socialize and restrict their children from negative impacts of globalization by creating awareness and sometimes using force, it found to be inefficient as new social and mass media have become out of their control.Likewise concerned bodies from federal to regional and local level need to work consistently to rescue the generation with their own values by documenting these values and creating awareness.



globalization,indigenous culture,Finoteselam, rehabilitate, investigate