Development of Design Aid for Tunnel Lining Design Using Analytical Method(Continuum)

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Tunnel support design is an itterative process including assumptions on support type installed and evaluating the support pressure it provides. The design of tunnels differs significantly from the design of plant and other structures due to the difficulty of ascertaining accurate geological properties and the potential variability of these properties along the tunnel. Thus, the design is based on less reliable material property assumptions than most other designs. There are Empirical, Analytical and numerical methods of design. In this project, an application software for continuum analytical tunnel design was developed. The developed software analyses secondary stress around circular opening and a tunnel design by using continuum method is based on main assumptions and requirements established for this method of design. The results of the software can be used for preliminary design and can acts as a tool for quickly verifying the numerical calculations and assessing the system behaviour during all stages of the design and construction process. KEY WORDS: tunnel ; support design; continuum method; developed software



Tunnel ; Support Design; Continuum Method; Developed Software