An assesement of knowledge and Perceived barriers to undergo voluntary Hiv counseling and testing

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Addis Ababa Universty


The study was designed to assess the knowledge of young adults in Hossana town on voluntary HIV counseling and testing services and perceived barriers to undergo voluntary HIV counseling and testing. A descriptive survey method was employed. A Stratified random sample of 350 young adults aged 15-49 was selected, 50.3% of them male and 49.7% females and administered selfadministered questionnaire. Apart from this, data were gathered from VCT Counselors, HIV Secretariat office managers, Youth HIV Co-coordinators, Anti-AIDS Club Co-coordinators, community leaders and HIV-positive young adults using focus group discussion and face-to- face interview. Both quantitative and qualitative procedures were used. The finding showed that young adults in Hossana town have adequate knowledge to undergo VCT and feeling that they need to undergo VCT when they intend to be married and to go abroad, stigma and discrimination if they are positive and lack of care and support for HIV infected were the major barriers to undergo VCT. Hence it is concluded that, even if young adults in Hossana have adequate knowledge on VCT services, due to perceived barriers the majority did not undergo VCT. Depending on the results, sensitization of young adults to participate on VCT and establishment of effective care and support system for the infected were recommended.



HIV Counseling