The Practice And Major Challenges of Keyboarding Education In Tvet Colleges (The Case of Addis Ababa City Administration)

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Addis Ababauniversity


This study sought to survey the practice and major challenges of keyboarding instruction in TVET colleges of Addis Ababa. Specifically, the researcher sought to create awareness on the importance of keyboarding skill for all students with implication of prioritizing the skill among experts for further studies to be conducted at the national level in the area to make curricular revisions. One hundred fifty-eight secretarial students, Business Education Teachers, Business Education Department Heads and secretarial workers participated from 10 sampled TVET Colleges found in Addis Ababa using both random and purposive sampling techniques. Descriptive survey method was employed to conduct the research. Questionnaire, interview and document analysis were employed as the methods of data collection. The data collected was, thus analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively as the situation demands. Consequently, the findings indicated that almost all of the participants are not in a position of supporting the curriculum for typing instruction found in middle level TVET·colleges. Because, the curriculum is identified as having traditional nature in that it offers mass typing training only for secretarial science students, using manual typewriter; in view of the fact that, the existing situation is demanding the training to be for all students due to the prolific use of computer in schools, home and work place.. As a result, most prefer keyboarding and principle of typing as an appropriate course for mastery of the skill. Regarding the training tools used in the curriculum, over half of the respondents' reaction was found to be similar to the literature, i.e. since all the machines have the same keyboard layout they identified ~he tools to be used based on the exis~ing situation of school. The participants suggested that considering the socio-economic condition of the country in general and that of Addis Ababa in particular, the training of keyboarding skill for all to be in the Middle level (TVET and preparatory) schools which are preferred as the best place for keyboarding instruction for all students over higher education and elementary levels. Finally, they also identified four major chailenges of the program, i.~. luck awareness, lack of access to training tools, negative attitude to keyboarding skill and lack of teachers. Recommendations and implications were given for TVET curriculum specialist as well as for further research and studies



And Major Challenges of Keyboarding Education