Determination of Optical Constants of a Conducting Polymer Using Reflection Rllipsometry technique

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Addis Ababa University


The reflection Ellipsometry technique is employed for the determination of optical constants of a conducting polymers of thin films using a He-Ne laser wavelength of 632.8 nm and tunable diode laser wavelength 808.4 nm, respectively. The same technique is also applied to determine the thickness of the thin film. In this experiment two methods are employed to determine the refractive index of the sample. The rotating analyzer ellipsometry technique and the static photometric technique. The refractive indices obtained for the polymer sample at the rotating analyzer angle of incidence 600 using He-Ne laser of wavelength 632.8 nm and tunable diode laser of wavelength 808.4 nm are 1.73320 ± 0.000013 and 1.73010 ± 0.000015, respectively. Almost all the results are reproduced using, the second method called static photometric technique. The average calculated results at the wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 808.4 nm are 1.7577 and 1.5862,respectively. The results for the thickness measurement obtained using Ellipsometry technique strongly agrees with the results obtained from the talystep measurement, the thickness of the sample lies between 30 - 40 nm, where as the calculated results at wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 808.4 are 37.8 ± 0.00098 nm and 37.5 ± 0.00077 nm, respectively



Using Reflection Rllipsometry technique