An Assessment of Career Guidance and Labor Market Information Service Provided by Government Tvet Colleges of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose 0/ the study was to assess the current status 0/ career guidance and labor market in/ormation service provided by TVET colleges 0/ Addis Ababa. The area 0/ concern believed to be relevant to examine the status 0/ career guidance and employment labor market information service were; availability 0/ career guidance and labor market in/ormation service, competency 0/ career guidance officers, the organization 0/ guidance office, using labor market in/ormation in planning and reforming TVET system, method 0/ obtaining up to date and adequate labor market in/ormation, relationship between the TVET college and stakeholders in promoting employment labor market in/ormation and factors affecting the implementation 0/ career guidance and labor market in/ormation service. A descriptive survey research method was employed lor the study. The sample TVET colleges were: Entoto, Addis Ababa Tegbareid and General Wingate TVET colleges. The subject o/the study includes 282 trainees, 55 trainers, 6 Deans, 5 guidance officers and 2 Addis Ababa Educational Bureau TVET experts. Purposive, availability and stratified random sampling technique was used to select the colleges and the subject o/the study. Questionnaires and interview were used to obtain the necessary data. The data were analyzed by employing, frequency count, percentage, weighted mean and chi-square as an instrument 0/ data analysis. The finding 0/ the study depicted that there is a critical need lor career guidance and employment labor market in/ormation services. However, it was found that the TVET colleges lack career guidance and employment labor market in/ormation service that result /rom lack 0/ qualified manpower, unorganized office, insufficient facilities and budget. Moreover, trainees 0/ TVET colleges, due to the absence 0/ career guidance and employment market in/ormation are assigned to each college to study the trades that might not be required in the labor market. The outcome o/the study also showed that TVET colleges don't have mechanism 0/ obtaining timely and adequate labor market in/ormation. Moreover, concerning to the participation 0/ stakeholders in promoting labor market in/ormation, the participation 0/ stakeholders in TVET colleges was weak. In light 0/ these findings the /ollowing recommendation were forwarded: Awareness creation and career guidance service should be given due attention at all hierarchical levels o/TVETsystem, survey ofloeallabor market, employers or other areas o/special interest/or training should be conducted periodically and TVET system should be steered and implemented with the involvement 0/ a wide stakeholders group in order to provide qualily, relevant and demand driven training.