Av Ailability And Utilization of Instructional Materials For Mathematics Instruction In Primary Second Cycle Schools

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Addis Ababauniversity


The teaching and learning process attains its purpose when the IMs that facilitate the student learning are available in the schools and when teachers use them appropriately. In view of this, the purpose of this study was to assess the availability of Mathematics IMs and their utilization for Mathematics instruction; as they contribute a lot in making difference in students Mathematics achievement. In the same vein, the study was also to investigate the support made to improve the availability of the IMs in the sample schools and the factors that affected utilization of IMs by Mathematics teachers. To this effect, ten Primary and Junior Secondary Schools were selected as sources of information from the three Weredas of Sidama Zone in SNNP Region. Within these schools, a total of twenty teachers (two Mathematics teachers from each school, i.e., one from Grade 7 and one from Grade 8), the principals, the SPC-coordinators and a total of 100 students (ten from each school) were taken as actual sources of information. Moreover, the educational Support Section officials at the Zone and Wereda levels were also the sources of information. Questionnaire, observation and document analysis were the data collection instruments used to obtain data from the sources. The results of the study, then, revealed that there was a critical shortage of Mathematics curricular materials and non-textbook IMs in the schools / SPCs. The government provided to schools only insufficient curricular materials and blackboards. Moreover, there was very little support made by other organizations to SPCs/Libraries. In this regard at the school level, the effort made by teachers, SPC-coordinators, and students to prepare IMs were also less. Due to lack of budget and skilled manpower SPCs contributed less in supporting Mathematics instruction. The Utilization of IMs by Mathematics teachers were affected by all the material, financial and human factors as it were observed and witnessed by the respondents



Primary Second Cycle Schools