Design and Implementation of Web Based Telemedicine System Using Soa

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Addis Ababa University


The advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has forced its employment in healthcare services. Exchange of medical information from one site over network followed by medical care is improving the quality of healthcare service provision. Teleconsultation as one of applications of telemedicine is used to improve patients’ health status by letting health professionals consult specialists. This project deals with designing a simple store-and-forward telemedicine system operating on the existing network infrastructure. This provides a messaging platform whereby text messages are used to convey patients’ case. In addition to the messaging service, the system enables users to share documents. Since there is no a comprehensive mechanism that could help professional refer, this feature of the system is of paramount importance. The major challenge of using ICT applications in healthcare services is how to integrate different components from various vendors. This project uses the service-oriented architecture implemented using web services to enable seamless integration and easy extensibility of the system.



Design and Implementation, Web Based, Telemedicine System, Using Soa