A Study of Design and Implementation of Grammar Tasks/Activities: the Case of English Grammar in Use i at Hossana College of Teacher Education

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine the design and implementation of grammar tasks and activities in Ethiopian context, specifically at Hossana College of Teacher Education with regard to communicative grammar teaching. It was attempted to analyze the activities for various purposes; such as (a) whether they are designed and practiced at discourse level, (b) if they are form focused or communicative, (c)whether they are suitable for pair and group work, and (d) to identify them whether they are appealing to learners’ interest and needs. The subjects of the study were one hundred trainees selected by using stratified sampling technique. Two trainers who were offering English Grammar in use I course at HCTE were also taken as participants of the study. The data was collec ted through content analysis, observation, and trainees’ questionnaire. Ninety eight quest ionnaires were returned and analyzed. The finding from each tool indicated that tasks and activities were designed and implemented at isolated sentence level rather than at discourse. The result also revealed that instruction of grammar lesson has a few transactions (recognizable start and finish, but there was no recycling of the exchanges. Furthermore, it depicted that the tasks and activities are not related to trainees’ personal information, experience and do not provide occasions for them to interact with each other, and lessons were not supported by visual aids. Therefore, they are not appealing to trainees’ interest and desires. Moreover, activities are not suitable for either pair or group works. Consequently, teachers should make implementing grammar tasks or activities more communicative, discourse based and more contextualized. The course teaching material should be modified based on Communicative Language Teaching.



English grammar in use