The Communicative Langua.Ge Teaching In Selected Second Cycle Primary Schools Ln East Shoa Zone

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Addis Ababauniversity


This study was carried out to examine the application of communicative language teaching in the selected second cycle primary schools in East Shoa. A descriptive survey method was employed to carryout this study since it is more appropriate to reveal current problems. The subject of the study included 180 students, 90 teachers, 9 principals and 9 vice principals from the 9 selected second cycle primary schools in East Shoa. They were selected using multi-stage cluster, purposive and simple random sampling techniques. The data was gathered through questionnaires, interview and classroom observation. The questionnaires were used to explore students, teachers and school administrators beliefs, attitudes, reported classroom practices, as well as constraints, with respect to communicative approach. The interview and classroom observation supplemented the data obtained through the questionnaires. Percentages, mean value, rating scales were used to analyze the collected data. The results of the study revealed that communicative language teaching was not implemented in the majority of the primary schools selected for the study, as reported by students, teachers and school administrators. It was found that majority of English teacr,Grs have limited experiences of the communicative language teaching methodolugy. Besides, some factors such as interference of mother tongue, large class size, failures of the learners to use the language outside the classroom, the low proficiency of the learners in the English language were a series hindrance to their use of CL T. It was also found that eight of the ten observed teachers failed to teach communicatively, as a result of their teaching methodology was traditional type or teacher-centered. V 111 • • The conclusions to be drawn from the result of the study is that teachers limited knowledge and experiences about communicative approach and factors indicated in the study were found to be major factors that hindered the application of communicative language teaching in the second cycle primary schools. On the basis of the findings, it was recommended that in order for primary school English teachers to use CL T successfully, they should be given courses, seminars and orientation on the principles & theories of communicative language teaching methodology. Besides, the role of school administrators and teachers to overcome different constraints is a crucial factor for the success of the communicative approach in primary schools



Primary Schools Ln East Shoa Zone