Preschool Teachers’ Perception Toward Play-Based Learning and Its Implication To Child Development In Gambella Regional State, Ethiopia

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This study sought to gain insight into how Gambella government preschool teachers perceive play-based learning, and its implication to child development. Play-based learning refers to individual child play and learning that help children to develop holistically. Teachers’ perception towards play-based learning involves having awareness, knowledge and interpreting how play-based learning provides learning benefits to children development. The study employed descriptive survey research design. Descriptive statistic was employed for data analysis thus, frequencies, percentage, mean and standard deviation was usedto analysis data by using tables. Data obtained through interview was transcribed, coded qualitatively, and themes made ready by using content analysis. SPSS version 20 was used to analyze data. Questionnaire and interview questions were used for data collection from participants selected using random sampling method. The results revealed that, preschool teachers’ have negative perception toward play-based learning. Major findings identified in the study are Characteristics of Teachers’ such as professions, duration of teaching experience and academic qualifications, the overall perception of teacher toward play-based learning and the benefits or implication of play based learning child to development is negative among the five selected government prescho



Teacher’s perception Play-based learning Implications