Human Resource Development Practices in Government Secondary Schools in West Hararghe Zone, Oromia Regional State

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The main objective of this study was to assess human resource development practices in Government secondary schools of West Hararghie Zone. To achieve this, a descriptive survey research design was employed. Questionnaires, interviews, and document analysis were used as tools of data collection. Primary and secondary sources of data were used. The school documents such as employee portfolios, schools strategic plans, and reports were used as a secondary data source. The data were collected from 210 secondary school teachers selected by simple random sampling, 20 principals and 10 supervisors were also selected by using availability sampling while 10 Woreda Education Office deputy heads were selected purposefully. Descriptive and inferential statistics such as Frequency, Mean, SD and t-test were predominantly used to analyze the data. Finally the findings’ of the study indicated that the schools have HRTDP, done well on career & organizational development and performance appraisal. However the result revealed the absence of the systematic needs assessment, unclear objectives of TDP, absence of clear and transparent TD criteria for selecting trainees and contents. The practice of preparing and implementing TDPs had been constrained by allocation of insufficient time, lack of adequate budget, selection of inappropriate trainees and contents, inadequate training and development program, and absence of monitoring and evaluation. Based on the findings, it concluded that; due to lack of systematic training and development needs assessment capacity and potentials of individuals had not been built for better future performance, appropriate individuals were neglected from the selection for the TDPs, secondary schools and education leaders fail to measure the effects and benefits of the TDPs. Finally the study recommended that, appropriate attention to be given to training and development needs assessment, allocation of necessary resources for TDP, planning TDP in association with strategic plan, applying on-the-job methods, creating systematic monitoring and evaluating practices of TDP, and giving more emphasis on professional development rather than other activities in secondary schools and woreda education offices



Human Resource, Development, Practice, Secondary School and Zone