Students’ Affective Factors that Affect Mathematics Achievement in Lideta Sub-City Governmental secondary schools

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigates the extent to which studennts‟ affective factors influence students‟ achievment in mathematics. This study was conducted on Governmental secondary school of Lideta Sub- City which contains three secondary schools.157 students from the three schools were participated to give a data on the study. Students achievement test was analyzed to the corresponding students‟ affective factors namely perceive usefulness of mathematics, self-concept, motivation, anxiety and confidence in learning mathematics using descriptive statistics, independent sample t test, Pearson correlation, regression and one-way ANOVA. On achievement of mathematics males were significantly perform better than female. There is no significance difference on student‟s affective factors and their achievement result with respect to grade level, family income and parent‟s education level. Student‟s affective factors have a positive significant correlation to mathematics achievement. On the other hand this study shows that each affective factor has contributed to mathematics achievement even if there is not significant impact. There is no significance impact of the affective factors together on student‟s mathematics achievement



Students’ Affective Factors, that Affect Mathematics Achievement