Training and the Employment Opportunities of Graduates of Private Health Tvet Colleges in Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to investigate the training and factors affecting the employment opportunities of graduates of private health TVET colleges in Addis Ababa. To realize the purpose of the study, descriptive survey research design was employed. The study was carried out in five private health TVET colleges, which were selected using stratified random sampling techniques. A total of 128 graduates from selected private health colleges, 20 instructors, 5 deans, two key officials of technical and vocational education and training Agency, two Competency Occupation Center (COC) officials, 15 HRM (Human Resource Managers) of both government and private hospitals, health centers and Non-governmental organization (NGO) health facilities and departments of all selected health facilities were involved in the study. Percentage and mean value were employed to analyze the data. Based on the analyses, it was found out that most of the instructors have less than five years work experience, in adequate materials provision in the laboratory and demonstration, instructors were not well planned and committed, examinations were not given according to schedule, and students faced problems in apparenticips. Accordingly conclusion were showing that the quality of education and practice in both in school and apparenticips were not as it were expected to be implemented, and greatly affected the employment opportunities of graduates from private TVET health colleges, since the health profession needs a great care and have involvement directly to human life. Finally, the study recommended that TVET health institutions in collaboration with Addis Ababa TVET agency need to motivate instructors both in materials and non-materials incentives. TVET agency and Ministry of Health (MoE) should have a devise and develop plan to help the health facilities to work in collaboration with health colleges in apparenticips, so as to bring the desired effect on the quality of graduates. Policies should be revised and there should be controlling mechanisms, where students can get enough knowledge and skill in the teaching- learning activities as well as apparenticips



Health Tvet Colleges in Addis Ababa City Administration