Inclusive Education Practices of Primary Schools in Yeka Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to investigate and identify the special Needs/inclusive education practices and challenges of students with disabilities at primary schools. Having special needs/inclusive education is to value children with special needs(disabilities) so they can participate equally in all educational activities alongside their peers( without special needs). There should not be any discrimination, segregation or isolation of these children with special needs from being educated rather they must be given an equal opportunity to participate alongside children without special needs. The study conducted in three primary schools in Yeka sub city of Addis Ababa and seeks to investigate the wereda and primary schools teachers’ views and experiences on the special needs/ Inclusive Education practices in regular schools. Primary and secondary Data for the study were gathered and analyzed from the interview transcripts, observation and documents review. The findings from the study revealed that most teachers and woreda officials supported the notion of special needs/Inclusive Education Policies and strategy and would like to implement it. However, they indicated that their needs to be a change in attitudes of teachers, peers, leaders, parents/caregivers and the community to provide sufficient assistance for children with special needs (Disabilities). Most teachers felt that their needs to be more awareness of the strategies, conventions and the importance of SNE /inclusion. The barriers for teachers with in SNE/inclusive education practices are likely the result of their beliefs and experience in relationship to students with disabilities and professional supports. Teachers’ limited knowledge of teaching children with special needs also highlighted. In this study, teachers admitted that they need more training in the field of educating children with special education in order to accommodate and teach children with special needs and the woreda officers also need to get training in the field of SNE. The lack of budget and learning materials allocation, and commitment are also the major challenges for practicing the Special needs/Inclusive education. All these issues highlighted are very important and it hoped that the outcome of the Findings would provide the sub city with new strategies to improve and strengthen their commitment to practice SNE/Inclusive Education. The results suggest that there are important to provide the trainings, assessment tools, incentives, budget and material allocation, available accessibilities and brings the attitudinal changes in each educational levels



Primary Schools in Yeka Sub City