Work Engagement and its Predicators (The Case of Saint Paulo’s Specialized Hospital Millennium Medical College)

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the current engagement level of employees at work and to verify job resources that need upgrading at the Saint Paulo’s Specialized Hospital Millennium Medical College. The data obtained for the study was collected through questionnaire that was distributed to 310 workforces of the hospital. All respondents were asked to rank 9 factors of Utrecht Work Engagement Scale(UWES)(Schaufeli and Bakker,2010) to determine the current level of employee engagement at work and 12 factors according to Gallup Q12 (Gallup, 2010) to verify the job resources or antecedents that need enhancement. The format and content of the questionnaire was pre-tested and validated using some employees of the hospital, particularly those who belong to Radiology department. For pilot study the response rate was 80%; which means from 20 samples only 16 answered the questionnaire. These were excluded from the major research. The response rate for the main research was 90%; that means from 310 samples only 280 responded the questionnaire. Descriptive statistical tools from SPSS version 21, such as percentage analysis and mean analysis were used in analyzing the data collected. The findings indicate average employees’ work engagement level is “non engaging” and it points out the need for employees to be provided with job resources needed to perform their work roles. Therefore, relying of the study, it was recommended that top management should address issues related to engagement at work in order to improve the situation and enable the institution serve in its maximum potential



Employee work engagement, the three dimensions of work engagement, job resources