Mobile and Service Based Airline Reservation System for Ethiopian Airlines

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Addis Ababa University


Effective and reliable way of delivering service plays a critical role in helping businesses engaged in the area of travel. Ethiopian Airlines is a company working in the area of aviation in Ethiopia. Booking and selling flight ticket mainly carried out by local and international ticket offices and travel agents around the world. Despite the fact that the airlines currently provides its flight reservation services on its web site ,its usage by its passengers is low specially with local customers as their access to internet is limited. Therefore in this technology dominated era there is a need to enhance ways of business transaction by providing an additional means of connecting to customers. The use of mobile technologies are so broadening that people are depending on this technology in their day to day activities to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other whether handling their personal or business activities. One of the features of mobile technologies that have come to be broadly used is internet usage, which enables the user to browse for information and be connected to the world using mobile phones. Different mobile based reservation systems are currently being developed globally by different organizations for different purposes in the business world, airline industry, hotel , tourism etc. After identifying the available current technologies, we have developed web services that will enable customers of the airline use its flight reservation system from their mobile phones which is more convenient and efficient. This project is engaged in exposing the existing flight reservation system at the airlines for mobile phone users by developing services without disrupting the existing system. In addition to reserving/booking flights, the system also enables passengers to check in to flights, check status of flights, and view information concerning flights from mobile phones that has access to internet. Keywords- Mobile technologies, mobile based reservation systems, web services, flight reservation system.



Mobile Technologies, Mobile Based Reservation Systems, Web Services, Flight Reservation System