Exploring The Experiences Of Visually Impaired Single Mothers Living in TERCO

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Addis Ababa University


This study explored the experiences of single mothers who are visually impaired in Together Ethiopian residence charity Organization. This qualitative study employed multiple case studies in which 12 visually impaired single mothers and six key informants selected by non-probability sampling were participated. Two FGDs with six members each were also conducted. The finding of this study shows that single mothers especially those who are visually impaired have so many challenges in their life like separation ji-om their family, economic hardship, ignorance by the society, communication problems with their child!children due to lack of sight, challenges related rent house, lack of practical allention by government, low awareness by community members, betrayal by their husbands, and many other psychological problems. The strong facilitation of materials, government enforcement of laws and policies, strong facilitation of educational and vocational trainings, inclusion of disabled people in planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects were also recommended.



Exploring The Experiences