Comparative Study of Program Effectiveness for the Education of Children With Hearing Impairment (The case of Special class, integrated and special schools in Addis Ababa, Harar and Hosaena)

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess program effectiveness for the education of children with hearing impairment among the different placement arrangements like special schools, special classes and integrated setting. Accordingly, attempts have been made to assess educational conditions and academic problems of chi ldren with hearing impairment in Addis Ababa, Harar and Hosaena. The data was collected through questionnaire, observation, interviews and Engli sh comprehension test developed by the researcher from 43 grade 8 students with hearing impairment, 14 parents, and 15 grade 8 teachers from five schools. Purposeful sampling and stratified random samplings were used in se lecting the respondents. Analysis of the data was made uSlllg qualitative teclmique complemented with quanti tative (comparison of means) methods. T-Test was used to deal with the significance of the comparison. Results of the study showed that children in the special schools are performing significantly better in academics and sociali zation, than those children placed in integrated and special class unit. The classrooms of special class un it and Integrated School were found ill-equipped and lacked the major determinants of effective teaching like valuable management, well trained teaching staff, adequate budget, supportive professionals and faci lities needed for aiding teaching. On the other hand, the education being deli vered in the special schools particularly the boarding school was well organi zed and supported by professionals. The children in special school performed on Engli sh comprehension test better than those in special class unit and integrated schools. The finding of the study also showed that these children are also better on social development compared to those children in integrated setting and special class uni t. Finally, in accordance with the findings recommendations are forwarded in order to improve the situation in integrated and special class unit, and to strengthen the educational deli very in the special schools as a whole.



Education of Children With Hearing Impairment