Assessment of Biodiversity Conservation of Entoto Natural Park for Ecotourism Development

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Addis Ababa Universty


The major objective of this study was generating biodiversity and land use/cover changes for the development of ecotourism by applying Geographic Information Systems GISs and Remote Sensing process in the Entoto natural park. Various studies attempted to carry out research work on value of ecotourism for wildlife conservation and economic development in Ethiopia and little is done on investigating opportunities and challenges of ecotourism potential sites. Ecotourism can provide a strategic source of revenue to natural areas that need protection. Thus, this thesis was foreseen with the objective of assessment of the biodiversity and potential opportunities of the Entoto natural park for the development of ecotourism in this site. The primary data collection was performed during field verification. To gather the required primary data for this study, questionnaires and interview were made to determine the status of biodiversity, opportunities and opinions for the development of ecotourism in Entoto Park. The remotely sensed data processes were performed by applying different and appropriate software in accordance with the data type. The supervised classification technique was used to classify the imageries because an a priori knowledge was gained from the field verification. The result of field verification showed that 25 types of tree and shrub plant species were recorded from the Entoto natural park and the response through the questionnaires and the information obtained from conducted personal interview were almost matched with the result of data recorded from the field. Eucalyptus globulous and Juniperus procera occupied nearly 88 % of the total species abundance of the study area. Change detection maps and topography maps were amongst the outputs produced in an ArcGIS and ERDAS Imagine environment. As compared successive decadal data with each other the analyses result revealed that, forest cover of the area shown more increase. The land in this park setting may be suitable for new camp grounds or a range of built structures and facilities such as accommodation and venues and nature-based activities such as canopy walks. This research would add value to the literature on the significance of biodiversity for the development of ecotourism and benefit of ecotourism to environmental conservation and strong coexistence between them. Based on the actual resources of the conducted area and evaluation results, Entoto Natural Park can be considered as an appropriate site for ecotourism promotion. Key words: Ecotourism, Biodiversity, GISs, Sustainable, Afromontain, criteria



Ecotourism, Biodiversity, GISs, Sustainable, Afromontain, Criteria