The Effect of Organizational Core Values on Employee Performance: In Case of Africa Union Commission.

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Addis Ababa University


Organizational core values are essential and long lasting element of an organization which serves as a guiding principle that bonds the organization together. This study sought to examine and explain the effect of organizational core values on employee performance in the case of Africa Union Commission. The study adopted Explanatory Research design with quantitative research approach. Using a simple random sampling technique, 86 samples were taken out of 110 employees of Administration and Human Resource Directorate of Africa Union Commission. Open and closed ended questionnaires were distributed through face to face, email and online options and 70 valid responses were analyzed by frequency, descriptive, correlation, multiple liner regression analysis using statistical package for social science (SPSS software 22 version). The finding of the study indicates that, due to less strategic human resource practices in the Commission in sharing and adhering organizational core values, employee’s perception towards organizational core values is very less. There is a positive correlation exist between core values and employees performance. The finding of the study also revealed that, the effect of organizational core value factors on employee performance is moderately significant. Based on the finding, it was recommended that: The Africa Union Commission shall share its organizational core values through continuous communication, design a training program on organizational core values and implement different strategic human resource practices to promote core values so that it has adhered by all employees in order to have a strong shared culture



Organizational core values, Organizational core values, Teamwork