Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors (DMSs) and Their Applications

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Addis Ababa University


Magnetic semiconductors are semiconductor materials that exhibit both ferromagnetism and useful semiconductor properties. If implemented in devices, these materials could provide a new type of control of conduction. Whereas traditional electronics are based on control of charge carriers (n- or p-type), practical magnetic semiconductors would also allow control of quantum spin state (up or down), which is an important property for spintronics applications. High Curie temperature (Tc above room temperature) DMS is re- quired for practical applications and it is still challenging. This work reviews, magnetism, and transport properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors for applications as storage and data processing. Hence, a brief of information on the property and mechanism of incorporating magnetic impurities into semiconductors to get a hybrid that demonstrates miniaturized system will be explained. Moreover, two e ects of impurity concentration x on magnon dispersion and fractional change of magnetization is plotted and discussed.



Diluted Magnetic, Semiconductors, (DMSs), Highlights of Magnetism, Traditional Semiconductors