GIS Based Multi-user Underground Utility Map Co-editing and Authentication for the Case of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Public utility authorities are facing significant challenges in developing cost effective business process for managing underground infrastructures and assets. People working in the utility industry need a better understanding of the context of change, what it means, and how they can manage their present and their future utility resources. Geospatial information of utilities changes continually and geospatial datasets become outdated and unsuitable for decision support due to inadequate data quality which leads to high maintenance cost. Integrating different underground utilities spatial data together in GIS-centric utility management using geodatabase and creating a workflow to edit underground utility map of one service provider utility spatial data without affecting other utility service provider in automated and systematic way is vital. This thesis presents a model for the development of Underground Utility Map Co-editing and Authentication system for public utility service providers using versioning approach. The system makes use of underground utilities base map information, and ground control points in order to prepare the utility spatial data as input for further tasks. The spatial preprocessing component is responsible to transform coordinates, convert utility map format and topological error correction in order to have a good quality spatial data. The system supports a mechanism for versioned geospatial data editing and more importantly support commits that could span many days. To evaluate the quality of underground utility map layers, data from utility services (ethio telecom, Water & Sewerage Authority, Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and Road Authority) of Addis Ababa is collected and preprocessed. The coordinate transformation and map accuracy is evaluated using Root Mean Square Error metric and we have got an average map accuracy of up to 3 meters. Finally, the proposed system is evaluated by eight respondents from all service providers and we got overall system performance of 86.6%. From this result, it is possible to conclude that, the proposed work and its implementation is usable to provide utility services, to co-edit maps and authenticate utility maintenance services. Keywords: Versioned editing, utility mapping, multi-authority editing, long transaction, Utility network service.



Versioned Editing, Utility Mapping, Multi-Authority Editing, Long Transaction, Utility Network Service