Assessment of the Practices of Early Childhood Education for Children with Visual Impairment: the Case of German Church School in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Early childhood experiences are very imperative in affecting children’s holistic development and also their capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. However, this possibility is not merely accessible for many children with visual impairments. The purpose of this study was to assess the practices of early childhood education for children with visual impairment regards to the instructional practices, accessibility of classroom and outside classroom physical environment and parent school communication. Moreover, the study was aimed to identify the good practices and challenges in supporting preschool children with visual impairment. In order to attain the purpose, interview, FGD and field observations were employed. Results indicated, the school is offering snack, guidance and counseling service, medical and financial support. The results for analysis provided the specific information of instructional contents, in some way given attention to the socio emotional, mathematical and language development of children. However, instruction is failed to notice the value of storytelling, singing, creative movement, and play that help children to promote their development. The study finds out less attention is given for family role at home in supporting children with visual impairment. Also, lack of documentation is noticed as a challenge. Classroom is accessible for children with visual impairment; Pathways, water taps and the toilet are also favorable and accessible however, there are no outdoor playing materials. In order to improve the beginner class services for children with visual impairment, research forwards the school to use age appropriate instruction, build up documentation of academic records and advancement in parent school communication. Also the researcher forwards to government officials working together to make preschools accessible for children with visual impairment



The Case of German Church School in Addis Ababa