Variation of Geomagnetic Storm as Observed During Solar Cycle 24.

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Addis Ababa University


The sun activity governs the interaction of magnetosphere with solar wind and Earth magnetic eld, this in uence of magnetosphere is called Geomagnetic storm. The main point to study Geomagnetic storm is used to understand the current passing through the ionosphere. The Geomagnetic Storms occurred during the whole solar cycle 24 were analyzed using southward Interplanetary magnetic eld (IMF(Bz)), Interplanetary electric eld of the ring current (IEF), the solar wind velocity (SW) and the Dst index from OMNI data explorer. As the results reveal at the high solar activity CME driven geomagnetic storms are more prominent than CIR driven Geomagnetic Storms. On the Other hand, these solar activity starts declining solar maximum events derived from CIR-driven storms. Moreover that it is clear from the observations of geomagnetic storm events that the occurrence of Geomagnetic Storms is highly correlated with the southward turning of Bz, the z component of IMF. The magnitude of turning of Bz into southward direction from northward direction depends highly upon the severity of the storm



Variation of Geomagnetic Storm