A Study on The Suitability of Local Steel Profiles for The Production of Steel Deck Reinforced Composite Slabs for Building

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Addis Ababa University


Floor and roof slabs constructed using composite panels of steel deck and concrete in which the steel deck panels serve both, as formwork and reinforcement are the practice of developed nations. The steel deck manufacturers developed their own cross sectional profiles and provide detail manuals where the thickness of the sheets ranges between 0.8mm to 1.5mm. This new technology has not been yet practiced in our construction industry. Thus, this Thesis Paper aims at assessing the local profile steel sheet products and develop analysis and design techniques for steel deck concrete composite slab for building, which fit our local conditions. The organization of the study can be viewed to consist of four main components, the first being assessment of the physical and mechanical properties and production process of steel sheet profiles produced by local manufacturers as well as foreign practices. Analysis and design requirement based on local building code requirement, foreign code of practice such as British Standard and international published books on the subject matter are dealt in the second part of the text for various stages of loading. Laboratory test for the assessment of tensile strength of local sheet and chemical as well as mechanical shear interlock between profile sheet and concrete conducted in the capacity of the local laboratory facility can be very well grouped as the third part of the manuscript. Design example for composite slab together with cost comparison between composite system and conventional slab construction are elaborated in the last section of the text. In general, Serviceability, Strength and Economy aspects of such construction are the main concerns of the study.