Automobile Bumper Beam Analysis to Improve Energy Absorption

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Automotive Bumper is one of the main parts which is used as protection for passengers from front and rear collision. Bumpers beam play an important role in preventing the impact load from being transferred to the automobile and passengers. So it becomes an important part of a vehicle as a safety and performance point of view. The basic use of bumper is to absorb energy in case of a collision. The main purpose of this paper is to design a bumper beam which is to improve crashworthiness of the bumper and analyzes the impact behavior of a composite car bumper beam made from s-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite materials with a volume fraction 60% fiber and 40% matrix. Crashworthiness is the ability of the bumper beam to prevent occupant injuries in the event of an accident and this is achieved by minimizing the impact force during the collision. The existing lifan 520 model bumper beam is replaced with composite bumper. The internal energy which is absorbed by steel material is 1200.9 J where the composite material is 1960 J which is 38.7 % higher than that of steel. The study is performed using ANSYS software for the design of the new car bumper made from s-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite materials and the internal energy absorbed by the materials, total deformation as well are evaluated by use of finite element method.



glass fiber, epoxy, impact load, total deformation, internal energy