Assessment of Counseling Services in Addis Ababa Mobile Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center

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Addis Ababa Universty


This research was conducted to identify the major achievements and problems of counseling given in the mobile VCT center to satisfy the needs of the clients. For this study, descriptive survey method was used and data were collected from available five counselors, two coordinators, a supervisor and 160 voluntary Clients through questionnaires, structured interview and observation checklist. As a result, Addis Ababa OSSA mobile van has functioning laboratory, separate narrow counseling room, inadequate tent waiting area, infection control and waste disposal practices as well as it is well structured and has adequate stuff. But the study found out that; there is a referral service problem, specially care and support service, problems of follow up and networking and promotion about the mobile VCT services were not adequate. Besides, contents of pre-test counseling session were covered but the contents of post-test counseling sessions were not fully covered during the counseling sessions. Furthermore, the study indicated that counselors did not possess some of the basic counseling skills, the training given to them was neither standardized nor adequate and the majority counselors were not well experienced. In addition, counselors face the presence of workload, lack of on-going training, lack of technical support, administrative support, lack of emotional support, staff turn over, staff moved to other posts and lack of waiting area. Nevertheless, most of the clients and counselors of the mobile VCT center have positive attitude towards counseling services. Finally, Based on the problems recommendations were forwarded such as; provide further standardized training and refreshment training for Counselors, provide strong support and supervision, referral system should be strengthen, counselors' need of incentive and shift work should be addressed, the contents of post-test counseling should be covered, the counseling and waiting room should be improved in order to provide quality Mobile VCT services.