Delineating the Debre –Tabor Sedimentary Basin Using Gravity- Method

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Addis Ababa Universty


In this thesis work analysis of 376 gravity data collected in the North western Ethiopia, around Debre –Tabor between latitudes 11N -12N and longitudes 37.5E-38.6E ( consisting of Debre –Tabor basin). The data was collected by my advisor. The analysis includes compilation in a standard format which requires homogenization to IGSN71 Datum of the data. The data were reduced to sea level with uniform crustal density of 2.67gm/cm3.Effects of Bouguer masses were calculated by applying both simple and complete Bouguer corrections. Terrain correction was calculated by digital elevation model. Theoretical gravity field was computed by means of the international gravity formula of 1967 (GRS67) and tied to the IGSN71. The regional and residual gravity fields were calculated from the Bouguer anomaly map by means of software that polynomial filter. The modeling shows that the Mesozoic sedimentary basin is beneath295m basalt flow and above the basement and has thickness amounts to 2.8km -3.337km.



Debre –Tabor