Factors Affecting Females' Academic Achievement in General Secondary Schools of West Wollega Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess major factors that hare an impact on female students' academic achievement in general secondary schools of West Wollega Zone. The study aimed at identifYing in school and out of school factors related to girls' academic achievement. To attain the objectires, the study employed a descriptive survey method. '" Thus, the study was conducted on four general secondary s.c. hools of West Wollega Zone that were selected using simple random sampling techniques from 30 general secondGlY schools of the zone. The study included 244 female students and 67 teachers selected using simple random sampling to give equal chance for all students, four principals and four woreda education office heads were selected by Qvailabilily sampling techniques respectively, while eight parents of female students were included using accidental sampling techniques from sample schools. Questionnaires, document analysis and interviell' were the instruments for data collection. Statistical tools such as percentage, chi-square and rank order correlarions were used to analyze the data gathered sho'wed that the major in school factors affecting students' academic achievement in general secondmy schools were lack of guidance and counseling services, f emale students failure to study, conduct tutorial and other supporting progra,!1,' lack of motivation of female students to learn, and poor school facility were identified.. On the other hand, , lack of time to study at home, lack of parental support., parental lack or low level of education, and household responsibility were identified as our-of-school (actors that hindered females' academic achievement in the study area. The studies also found out that, the academic performance of female students were a function of multi dimensional variables, which generally emanate ji'0l11 in-school and out-of-school systems Based on these major findings conclusions were made. Finally, based on the findings alld conclusions certain recommendations were made