English Language Needs Analysis of Construction Trainees in Entoto Technical Vocational Education And Training (TVET) College

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Addis Ababa University


The main concern of this study was to explore English language needs of construction TVET trainees with particular reference to Entoto TVET College. To achieve this, questionnaires were designed and distributed to trainees, major course instructors, construction graduates and employers while interviews were conducted only with trainees and English language instructors. Observations were also conducted in classroom lectures and field practices. The data gathered via different instruments were compared and contrasted. Findings of the study indicated that trainees need to listen to lectures in English and take notes, listen to class discussions, listen to instructors’ instructions, read trainees’ reference books, read construction manual guides, ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, give oral reports, write notes from books. Thus, all language skills are needed with relatively more emphasis on listening and speaking. In addition, all genre types are needed for the trainees academic study with their respective order of importance, i.e description first, exposition second, argumentation third and narration fourth. In occupational settings, the graduates need to listen at meetings and conferences, read work programs and schedules, read professional books, read manuals, give presentations, reports and papers, give instructions, write reports and write specific work programs and schedules. Here, all the language skills are important with relative emphasis to reading and writing skills The study has also identified that the trainees have difficulties in giving oral reports, writing term papers, answering questions, understanding lectures, writing field and lab reports. Relatively the trainees, however, are better in receptive skills than productive ones. Similarly, the graduates have difficulties in reading manuals, giving presentations, reports, giving workshops, delivering speech at meetings, conferences and seminars, giving instructions, writing reports, writing specific work programs and schedules. Based on the findings of the study, it has been recommended that syllabus designers need to design appropriate English syllabus and learning materials for construction TVET trainees taking in to account the trainees’ needs of English for study and occupational purposes, their difficulties, their learning style preferences and wants and their educational background.



Entoto Technical Vocational