Exploring the Psychosocial Experiences of Older People in Dangila Town

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Addis Ababa University


7JJe maill objective of this study is to investigate the psychosocial problems of older people in Dangila town. To this end, case study method was used and in-depth interview and observation were employed. Data was gathered from eight purposively selected individual participants and jive key informants. Then the collected data was analyzed qualitatively. As it was indicated inthejinding, older people are affected by p,lychosocial prohlems of which low self esteem, high levels of stress, poor and limited social interaction, poor hal/sing conditions, poor feeding and dressing styles and poor coping mechanisms are underlined to be the major ones. The problems were indicated by the fa ct that respondents have been suffering from feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, complaint, seIF/wtred, inferiority, invisibility , loss of happiness, inaffel1fiveness, sadness, feelings of insecurity, depression, sleep difficulties, continuous headaches and stomach upsets, restlessness, anxiety, low appetite, social withdrawal, silence, passivity, scant interaction (lnd learned helplessness. The problems were reported to he associated with the loss of income, disease, the death of spouses and siblings, retirement, the lack of fa mily, kin, community and institutional support, the rising cost of living, individualism and the youth's changed affitude. It was concluded that older people are not treated as valuable segments of the cOll1munily. Thus, it was recommended that concel'l1ed institutions and the community at large should consider them as vital components



Psychosocial Experiences of Older People