Diversity, Distribution and Relative Abundance of the Avian Fauna of Chebera Churchura National Park, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to investigate the diversity, relative abundance and habitat association of the avian species in Chebera Churchura Nation Park (CCNP). The study was carried out using the method of Timed-Species-Count technique (TSC) during August 2005-April 2006, covering both dry and wet seasons. The study area was stratified based on major vegetation types. Each vegetation type was used as a sampling site. Small crater lakes and farmland areas were also considered as sampling sites, to asses the species inhabiting water bodies and farmland areas. A total of 137 bird species was observed. The mean number of species per count was significantly correlated with the total number of species in each vegetation type both during the wet and dry seasons (r=0.84 and 0.78, respectively). Unusual relationship was observed between total vegetation cover and number of species in the montane forest (12 species and 15 species during the wet and dry seasons, respectively). The relative abundance of each species in different vegetation types of both seasons showed variation. During the wet season the relative abundance or the mean score value ranged between 0.2 and 5.75 and during the dry season it varied between 0.2 and 5.5. Shifting cultivation was considered to be the most significant threat of wildlife in the area. Key words: - Birds, diversity, relative abundance, and habitat association, Chebera Churchura National Park



Birds, Diversity, Relative Abundance, And Habitat, Association, Chebera Churchura National Park