Institutional Factors That Affect the Quality of Government Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges of Awassa and Arba Minch

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Addis Ababa University


The pwpose o/Ihis silidy lI'as 10 analyse inslilulionoljclclors IhCII a//eCilhe 'Ilittlill' oj gOl'emlllem Technical and Vocalional Edllcalion and Training(7FET) Colleges 0/ A 11'0.1'.1'11 and Arbo ,\/illch ill SOlllh NCilion and Nalionalilies Peoples Region(.S'NI\ 'P) , II descripli l'e sUl','e), IIlelhod II'US elliployed ill Ihe sallipled TI ET colleges, A sample 0/ one hllnrlred eighly nine silidenls, pm)' one leachers, 1\1'0 deans, /1 " 0 adlllinislralOrs, /11'0 ,finance heads ojlhe colleges lind 0111' ilegional Edllcalion Bureou rVEr slIh-seclor oJ/ieial were involved (IS respondents, Sflldenls und leacher;; wert' seleCied IIsing silliple ['([ndom salliplillg lechni(jlle, II 'here as, Ihe deans, lIdlllinislralOrs./inlillce hellr!., and TV/:'T sllh-seclor o/ficial 'I'ere seleCled IIsing p"rposi,'e sUllipling Qlleslionnaires II-;Ih close-ended and open-ended ques rions and inlerviel l' Il'ere lIsed ({s insrrt(lJlenfS qj'dala gathering The da/{[ gOlhered Ihrollgh close-ended (jueslions II'ere Ihen ","tl;-zed qllllmilUlively IIsill)!, percenlage , ji'e(jllency COIIl7IS, chi-squares, T-Iesls and ANOJlA, The dow gmhered Ihrough openended qllesl ions and imer vielV 'I'ere analyzed and ililerpreled qlloliflllively. The IIIlIjor/indings 0/ Ihe silldy Irere: Ihe I'VET cllrricllilim re/orlll process oriemalion for Ihe lruiners WlIS found {() be insll//iciem: Ihe colleges did nol lIIake signi}iCllnl el(i.m 10 rewin '!II{[lijied 1Ilid experienced l["(finers; .finallcial reSOllrce a/locmion ill Ihe colleges 'UIS found 10 be "elT lO ll ': and Ihe lI1anogelllenl slulT 0/ Ihe colleges lI'ere nol cOIIII,elem 10 Irork posililll7s, The major recolllillendalions lIIade based on Ihe findings lI'ere, Th" TI 'ET curricululI1 re/orlll should be clearly knOll'n 10 Ihe illiplemeniers: Ihe colleges and olher concel'lled hod,' hm'e 10 ' I'ork close!.\' 10 relOill cOlllpelem a",llIlIJlil'a/ed Iminers: Ihe regional governll1enl hli.l 10 a/locole I'lItjiciem budgel alld also Ihe colleges have 10 diversifj' illcome generllling schellies and Ihe regional educalion bllreal! has 10 assign an appropriale pro/esionals allhe righl place



the Quality of Government Technica