The Status and Determinants of Research Practices

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Addis Ababa University


The general objective of this study was to investigate the status, determinant hindering factors, and determinant motivational strategies to the ERP of instructors of Ambo University where mixed method design was employed.The subjects of the study were 60 (male=55 and female=5) for survey and 6 for interview. Closed-ended questionnaire, open-ended questionnaire and interview were used to collect primary data. Document review was also used to collect secondary data related to AU’s mission statement and profiles of academic staffs. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques were used to analyze the data. The results of the quantitative and qualitative data showed the status of ERP in Ambo University was found at the medium level status. It was also found that only 32(58.2%) instructors were involved to do research. There were differences in instructors’ involvement to do research in terms of their colleges and departments as it was found that colleges like 1st. CSSH, 2nd. CNCS, and 3rd, IEPS and in terms of departments, 1st English language and literature, 2nd physics, and 3rd Afaan Oromo & literature were highly in favor of ERP. Moreover, of the total respondents, majority of the sample instructors preferred action research over the other typologies of educational research. With respect to the selection of educational research methodologies, most of them preferred and applied mixed methods educational research. Multiple human, material, financial, and institutional factors hindered the involvement of AU instructors to do research like lack/inadequate research budget/fund and others. To overcome such deterring factors various applicable motivational strategies were investigated like accessing instructors’ to trainings and others