Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Factor Affecting Mothers Regarding Pneumonia Among Under Five Children at Lideta Subcity, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,2015

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Addis Ababa University


BACKGROUND: Control of under-five child pneumonia is a major problem of public health in developing countries .Effective health education program is required to be designed in accordance with KAP of society .Mothers are the primary care giver, if they would possess adequate knowledge regarding prevention of pneumonia through information booklet then they can apply the same in their practice. OBJECTIVE: To investigate KAP and factors affecting knowledge, Attitude and practice of mothers on pneumonia among under five children at Lideta sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,2015. METHODS: Institutional based cross-sectional study was employed among mothers who have under five children in the selected health centers in Lideta sub city and 229 study subjects were selected randomly from the health center. Within selected health center interview to mothers, was performed using a structured questionnaire .The collected data was analyzed, statistical significance of P<0.05 with 95% CI, Multivariate analysis was also checked to control possible confounders using SPSS version 20. RESULT: The finding of this study showed that mothers and care takers on under five children with pneumonia showed satisfactory practice was 32.8%, 95%CI (26.2, 38.9), positive Attitude was only 15.7%, 95%CI should (10.9, 20.5) and knowledge was 44.1%, 95%CI (38.0, 51.1). Income and age of mother was statically significant (AOR=2.08, 95% CI=1.16, 3.73) and (AOR=5.49, 95% CI=2.51, 12.01) respectively. CONCLUSIONS: less than half percent of respondents were not knowledgeable and didn’t practice, on under five children with pneumonia. RECOMMENDATIONS: Effective and strong health education through strengthening the existing health extension program it should also include targeting mothers and care takers under five children. community health workers, health professionals teachers KEY WORDS: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice, pneumonia



Knowledge, Attitude and Practice, Pneumonia