A multi-criteria analysis for solid waste disposal site selection using Remote sensing and GIS

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Addis Ababa Universty


Solid waste management continues to be one of the major issues facing municipal planners, which Involves managing activities associated with generation, collection, transport and disposal of solid waste in an environmentally compatible manner. Land filling is a common method of waste disposal in Ethiopia. Recently, due to an increase in the awareness of environmental risks from land fills, there has been a movement towards the selection of new solid waste disposal sites for the city, however due to the lack of appropriate criteria and a set of detailed criteria that consider all aspects of the water resource protection all the results of the previous researches were inadequate In order to alleviate this acute environmental problem, a multi criteria analysis approach using remote sensing and GIS is necessary and immediate. GIS can be used to convert geo-referenced data into computerized maps and map analysis tools can be used to manipulate maps in an efficient way. This is especially useful when dealing with large amounts of data, which is typical in landfill siting The result of the study shows that the areas, the city planners proposed for the landfill site be revised in a way to consider the best sites, some areas of the central east and southern part of the city, are appropriate as land fill site shown in the final out put map of the study area.



Remote sensing and GIS