Practices and Challenges of Employee Relations, in Yekatit Paper Converting PLC

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Addis Ababa University


The objectives of the study was to assess the practices and the related challenges faced between the management of Yekatit Paper Converting PLC and employees as well as the trade union who protects the interests of workers on the issues of employment relations. The study used was qualitative research approach. Relevant data for the study are gathered from primary and secondary sources. The major primary data collection tools were the focus group discussion, semi structured interviews. Ethnographic data analysis method is employedin the study transcribing what has been said by the participants. Findings of the study show that, disputes always are emanated from malpractice of Ethiopian Labor Proclamation No, 377/2003 and their collective agreement document in Yekatit Paper Converting PLC. As understood by the research findings that employment contracts are terminated in some instances unlawfully. The degree of involvement and participation of the trade union in management activities of employee relations is found to be low. Findings related to the problems of collective bargaining process include: impasses and deadlocks on the bilateral negotiations of collective bargaining matters, the absence of practicing give and take bargaining principles that could help both parties to achieve win-win collective bargaining strategy. There is the absence of good faith bargaining especially from the side of trade union representatives. Employee voice hearing has no consideration on the side of management and no such arrangements are practiced in Yekatit PLCto hear and air the grievances of the employees. Based on the findings of the study the researcher has made major recommendations on the points that improve the employment relations include: to make lawfully terminations of employment relations lawfully, collective bargaining process need to be in good faith so that both parties can practice give and take collective bargaining strategy. Trade union involvement and participation is recommended in the study on the issues of employee relations.



Employee, Employer, Employee Relations