Appropriateness, Attainability, Balance and Relevance ofEarly Childhood Education Curriculum in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to explore the early childhood education curriculum(syllabus) in Addis Ababa, Arada city administrationas a case study with specific focus on appropriateness, attainability, balance and relevance.The key reason why the researcher is motivated to study this issue was due to limited research has been done, so far on the issue inAddis Ababaas well as throughout the country.To achieve the objective of this study the researcherused a qualitative content analysis evaluation approach and interview. Depending on the research guide interview and the nature of the respondents, additional variety of data gathering tools including interview and observation were used. Out of 10 sub cities, the researcher selected purposively only one sub city (Arada). In Arada sub city there were 15 primary schools (government) however, the researcher selected only four of them namely: Africa Andnet No 1, Genet KG, MelkamErmjachin and Meskerempurposively selected,there were 38 teachers. Howeverfor interviewtwo teachers, one director and one supervisorfrom each preschools was selected. In addition, one coordinator and one expert were participated from Addis Ababa Educational Bureau. In general,18 participants wereparticipated. Therefore, for success of the study the researcher used the syllabus more as data analysis. Hence, themajor findings are; syllabus has not inclusions like play, music and aesthetics as major themes.Moreover, other findings of thisstudywerelack of appropriateness, attainability, balance and relevance and lack of qualities of early childhood education. Because the syllabusis out dated and below the status of the learner and teachers are not professionals. Although, inthis study, there were lack of school facilities such as toilet, compound free play, shower and teaching aids are some of them. Generally, based on this study, recommendations were tendto MoE, Addis Ababa Educational Bureau and schools communities to improving early childhood education curriculum (syllabus). Key Words: Early Childhood, Syllabus, Attainability, Appropriateness, Balance, Relevance



Early Childhood, Syllabus, Attainability, Appropriateness, Balance, Relevance