A Study of the Extent to Which Senior Secondary School Students Practise Disseminating Environmental Education to The Surrounding Community: With Particular Reference to Grade Eleven Students in East Wellega Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the the extent to which senior secondary school students, grade eleven students in particular, of East Wellega zone, disseminate environmental education to the surrounding community. In doing so, an attempt was made to see the students' awareness, attitude and practice regarding environmental concerns. The subjects included 200 students from two senior secondary schools in the zone, their respective parents and 23 teachers. An awareness test, attitude inventory and rating scale questionnaires were administered to the students to investigate their awareness of and attitude toward environmental concerns, and factors hindering the dissemination of environmental education to the community. A10reover, a questionnaire was administered to the teachers and an interview was conducted wilh the parents to examine studenis' practices in disseminating environmental education. The data was, then, analyzed using percentage, class interval, t-test and correlation matrix. The results of the study revealed that the students had an awareness of basic environmental education issues and also had favourable altitude toward the conservation of resources. Nonetheless, their practices in disseminating environmental education to the community was found to be relatively much less. On the other hand, a comparision made between environmental education club members and the non-club members indicated a better standing of the club members in their awareness, attilude and practices. The comparison between urban and rural students also revealed more favourable attitude, and practices with the latter. Based on these findings recommendations were suggested.



Extent to Which Senior Secondary, School Students Practise