Factors Affecting Of Women’s Participation In Leadership Positions In The Case Study Of Bank Of Abyssinia

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Addis Ababa University


This research conducted to findout factors affecting ofwomen’s participation in high leadership positions in the case of Bank of Abyssinia. The researcher used descriptive research method to achieve the objective of the study. The sample was selected by purposive sampling.Purposive sampling was used as a technique so as to include supervisor and above supervisor from permanent employee at head office the bank to get relevant data about the status on the factors affecting the participation of women in leadership position in the Bank.From primary data source, the tools used were structured questionnaires. The questionnaire were validated throughliterature review and advisorapproval and distributed to 125 employees of the selected population.The instruments’ reliability was assessed through the resultsCronbach’s alpha methodand the reliability co-efficient was 0.76.The data was analyzed with the help of a computer statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The data analyzed was presented using tables, percentages and figure. The main findings of the research are the following: majority of the women’s are assigned in customer relation in the bank of Abyssinia ,education gap between men and women has a positive correlated and significant effect with women participation in leadership, socio cultural attitude has positive correlation and insignificant effect with women participation in leadership position ,lack of recommendation has positive correlation and insignificant effect with women participation in leadership position and lack of confidence has positive correlation and insignificant effect women participation in leadership position the status of women in the bank is very minimal it shows that there is no equal distribution of positions between men and women in key decision making and leadership position. The other finding is the beta coefficient for lack of confidence is positive which means that women participation in leadership and lack of confidence have direct relationship. Education gap have significant effect on women participation in leadership in BoAthis indicate there is positive and direct effect and relation between educational gap between women and men and women participation in leadership position. Socio-culture and lack recommendation have also positive and direct relation with women participation in leadership position in BoA



Participation in Leadership, Bank of Abyssinia