Child rights violations and the imp act on academic performance

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Addis Ababa Universty


This study il1\ estigated the extelll to which girls' rights are violated or neglected, and examilled its fllllctiollal impact on their academic performance. A 101al of 196 respondents and 2-1 discussallts aged between 15 and 18 were involved A questionnaire, foclls group discussion, and school records were used to gather data. Percentage, al'erage (meall), t-test and Omega Squared (0/) were used for analysis. The reslllt of the stlldy show that girl ' rights are violated both at home and school environment. As a r '5111t, a nllmber offemale students do not benefit from the prol'ision C?i del elopmelll and safeguard rights. 111 extrellle cases, there has beell a difference amollg female studellfs III the protection (?f their rights. Stati tically significant difference is observed between the mean academic performances of female students whose rights are relatively protected alld those whose rights are violated Moreover protection difference in developmelll rights and afeg7lard rights as treated separately also show some variation among female students in their academic performance. It is also ob erved that development rights, together with safeguard rights have profound impact 011 their academic performance. Fil1ally, it is concluded that girls' rights violatiol1s are some of the main contributingfactors to their law academic performance.