Magnitude of Burnout and its Associated Factors Among Nurses Working in Public Hospitals of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Background- Nurses are exposed to professional burnout due to their exposure to physical, mental, and emotional stressors, which can lead to numerous complications in their personal, social, and organizational life. Objectives- To assess the magnitude of nurses‘ burnout and its associated factors in public hospitals of Amhara regional state, Ethiopia. Methodology- Institutional based cross-sectional study design was conducted on 369 sample nurses selected by systematic sampling technique. These nurses were selected from five public hospitals; those were Felge Hiwot, Debre Birhan, Debre Markose, Debre Tabore, and Dessie referral hospitals. Hospitals were selected purposively from Amhara regional state. Adopted structured self-administered Amharic version questionnaire was used. The questionnaire contains of 22 items, which includes 8 items in emotional exhaustion, 5 items in depersonalisation and 9 items in personal accomplishment. Pre-test was conducted on 10% of sample in BLH to assure reliability and validity. Data was, coded and entered in Epi data version 3.7 and analysed by SPSS version 22 software. Descriptive statistics was used to describe the variables. Multivariate analysis, AOR, 95% CI and p-value <0.05 were used to identify variables which had significant association with dependant variable. Result- A total of 369 participant nurses were included in this study, with response rate of 100%, from these respondents 186 nurses (50.4%) were suffered from professional burnout. There is significant association between burnout and educational status [AOR=3.66; 95% CI: (1.11, 12.01)], service year [AOR=1.94; 95% CI: (1.11, 3.38)], work load [AOR=0.43; 95% CI: (0.19, 0.99), intention to leave their work [AOR=0.41; 95% CI: (0.25, 0.67), health status [AOR=2.27; 95% CI: (1.18, 4.37)] and health problems [AOR=2.32; 95% CI: (1.14, 4.73)] had association to nurses‘ professional burnout. Conclusion- This study shows that high proportion of nurses were suffer from burnout due to their work. This study also showed that there is a significant association between factors such as educational status, service year, workload, intention to leave their work, current health status, and health problems and professional burnout. Key words: Professional Burnout, Nursing, Exhaustion



Professional Burnout, Nursing, Exhaustion