Th Status of Research Undertaking in Mekelle Universitykiflom Sahle

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Addis Ababa University


Teaching, research and consultancy are the main mlSSlons of higher education institutions. However there are research evidences that indicate the status of research in these institutions is not as expected. The concern of this study is therefore to examine the status of research undertaking in Mekelle University. To achieve this objective, a descriptive survey method was employed. Accordingly the data were collected from 285 instructors and 8 university offiCials through questionnaire and interview respectively. Important documents (articles, seminar paper, proceedings of a workshop, profile of research projects, etc) were also used as secondary data sources. The data secured through the close-ended items of the questionnaire were analyzed mainly using percentages and mean values because of the descriptive nature of the study. The data secured through the open-ended items of the questionnaire, interview guides and document analysis were analyzed qualitatively. The finding of the study disclosed that, there are efforts so far made by the university in developing and maintaining capacity of research undertaking. 61 sinstructors have got research training opportunity. Efforts are made to find research fund from different sources. The efforts made in publishing and disseminating research results on the part of the university seems encouraging. However, the finding of the study revealed that with few exceptions, instructors are not actively involved in doing research. Problems related to lack of incentives, lack/inadequacy of budget, lack of conducive research environment, lack of recent reference materials in the library, under-utilization of research outcomes and insufficient internet access have been the major constraints for instructors ' failure to conduct research. Based on the findings, it is recommended that in order to improve the research activities in Mekelle University, the academic staff and the university must exert further effort by "makinl! a link .witb in{lustries and networking with other universities