A Study of Material Resources Management in The preparatory schools of Arsizone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of the management of material resources in the preparatory schools of Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State; and hence to discover if differences exist among teachers, ETB members and principals in perceiving the problems identified To this end, answers to basic questions pertaining to the management of school material resources, which consists Material resources planning, acquisitions and supplement of educational materials, Organization and staffing material resources, Management, purchasing educational materials, production of educational materials, warehousing, Allocation and distribution of educational material resources, materials handling, proper use of material resources, efficiency and effectiveness of resources management, standards in educational materials, disposition, Responsibility and authority in material resources management were sought. Following a review of the literature related to the problem understudy, a survey questionnaire was developed, Pilot tested, modified and distributed to a sample of 105 teachers, 30 ETB members and 5 principals drawn from 5 preparatory schools of Arsi zone. Of the respective total sample size of the three study groups, 92.4 percent teachers, 90 percent ETB members and 100 percent of the principals, filled in and returned the questionnaire. Some of the major findings include: The preparatory schools were not in a position to manage their material resources properly. The necessary guidelines to manage material resources were not disseminated to the users. Appropriate number of man power was not assigned to the stores of the sample schools. There was poor coordination among the concerned bodies to implement managerial functions, in the system. Managing and controlling of material resources was leji to the store keepers Material resources were not identified, arranged, recorded and coded properly. Most of the principals and the administrative staff in these schools did not have the necessary professional training and experience in relation to their position. - Most of the concerned bodies seldom participate in material resources management. Recommendations for efficient resources management include: The managerial functions of principals and administrative staff should be strengthened and training on management of material resources should be given. The schools should closely work with teachers, students, parents and community to secure effective and efficient resources management. Allempts could be made to Improve the professional training and experience of administrative staff



Material Resources Management in The preparatory