Factors That Affect Quality of Technical Vocational Education and Training Program Implementation in Afar Regional State

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The mazn purpose of this research was assesszng the factors that affecting the quality of TVET program implementation in terms of input factor i.e instructor qualification, competence and experience, availability and appropriateness of training materials, management approach, relevance cumculum and instruction process. The method employed to conduct this study was descriptive survey. Trainees, trainers, Deans and regional expert of TVET were as a source of data, the necessary data for the study was collected through questioners, interviews, observation and document review. The study was conducted in two TVET institutions in Afar region 152 trainees, 25 trainers, 4 TVET Deans and 2 regional experts have participated. The data analysis method to analyze the data in this study was percentage and mean scores. The findings reveal that the TVETs in the region have quality problems for several reasons. Such reasons are explained in detail. Also this study has found out that the institutional capacity of TVET is also too weak. Hence, this study has unearthed the challenges and opportunities of TVET and has provided a set of conclusions and recommendations in line with original data gathered in the study area. Hence, among other things, it is suggested that to tackle such problems working on quality of TVET and improving the institutional capacities and facilities of the TVET institutions suggested being mandatory.



Technical Vocational Education a