Assessments of Forest Cover Change Using Remote Sensing and Gis Techniques: Case Study in Adaba-Dodola Forest Priority Area, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


The aim of this study was to detect the magnitude and rate of forest cover change over the last 20 years (between 1986 and 2005) and generate human disturbance risk map based on landuse/ land cover of the area using Remote sensing and GIS techniques in Adaba-Dodola Forest Priority Area that covers the total area of around 87,432 ha. NDVI image differencing and post-classification comparison change detection methods were employed. The major landuse/ land cover types in the study area have been identified as: dense forest, open forest, grassland, farmlands and settlement. The study made use of Landsat images of the year 1986, 2000 and 2005 to know land-use/land cover change and the forest cover changes and rate of deforestation during the different periods and the type of land cover to which the forest is changed to. In addition Multi Criteria Evaluation in a GIS environment was used to come up with the final human disturbance risk map. The result of change detection analysis revealed that the area had remarkable land-use/land cover changes in general and forest cover change in particular. Specifically, the forest cover land declined from 57,389ha in 1986 to 50,472 ha in 2000 and dropped to 45,809 ha in the year 2005 in the study area. A significant forest cover reduction by 0.57% has been realized in the year 2005 when compared with the 1986 forest cover condition with a deforestation rate of 494 ha per annum. The problem of forest cover change is directly linked with the activity of man such as population pressure, and the socioeconomic factors like expansion of agricultural activities, demand of fuel wood and construction materials, as well as using such resources for income. In order to holdback the problem of forest cover change and its impact, corrective measures was suggested. Key words: Adaba-Dodola, Deforestation, Forest Cover, Remote Sensing and GIS



Adaba-Dodola, Deforestation, Forest Cover, Remote Sensing and GIS