Parametric Study on Analysis and Design of Permanently Anchored Secant Pile Wall for Earthquake Loading

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Addis Ababa University


Due to space limitations in urban areas, deep excavation in to the ground has become a common practice worldwide. Among the conventional retaining support systems, this study is focused on secant pile walls. The secant pile methodology comprised the formation of overlapping concrete piles. The overlap between the piles is achieved to prevent soil and ground water ingress. The analysis of these deep excavations requires considerations of; nonlinear, dynamic and complicated system and involves consideration of soil parameters, deformation, interaction of soil and retaining configuration. It is difficult to precisely describe the nonlinear system using traditional analysis. Thus, in order to accurately describe the behavior of the anchored secant pile for earthquake loading, 3D finite element simulation was applied. The analysis indicated for 20m excavation step in the fourth stage, showed incremental lateral displacement was 0.0552E-3m and total displacement was 0.114E-3m. The analysis indicated that the displacement induced in the ground increased with excavation depth. As the excavation depth increased, the magnitude of unbalanced forces increased resulting to increase in stresses and displacement. Increase in pile diameter increased displacement near the surface of the wall. In addition, the modulus of deformability of the soil has a great importance in the settlement of the soil. It is visible that when the thickness of the wall increased, the horizontal and vertical displacements near the wall increased. Decreasing the horizontal and vertical spacing of anchors increased stiffness of the anchor per unit width. With high anchor stiffness, displacement occurred near the excavation surface thus, reducing the displacement of the wall. Key words: secant, pile wall, earthquake loading, plaxis.



secant,;pile wall; earthquake loading; plaxis