The Application of Corporate Governance Principles in Dashen Bank

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Addis Ababa University


Corporate governance is becoming the major building stone for most organizations. It serves as the nervous system of organizations to communicate among all participants and interest groups. The importance of corporate governance is extended to the banking sector. Research indicates that banks without corporate governance fails in their operation. For this sake the organization of economic co-operation and development, and the Basel committee for bank supervision has developed a standard to be adopted. In addition to this the National bank of Ethiopia has prepared a guideline to be used by banks. The purpose of this study was to see how well corporate governance concepts are implemented at the Dashen Bank. To fulfill the research's goal, a descriptive case study was used. The study included all nine board managers, as well as the senior managers and the board secretary, for a total of 18 participants. The quantitative data was examined using written explanations, whereas the data received by questionnaire was evaluated using frequency and percentage values. Furthermore, the qualitative data (interview data) was evaluated alongside the quantitative data to triangulate the questionnaire results. The findings show that the extent to which corporate governance principles are applied in the Dashen Bank is positive, even though the bank still has issues with improving the board's efficiency and effectiveness, as well as transparency and disclosure of relevant information. As a result, the study provided some feasible solutions for resolving the issues



corporate governance, corporate governance principles, Dashen Bank